Wet Paws Dog Spa - Where Spa Meets the Paw

We are a full service dog grooming spa.  We offer our furry friends a cage free environment.  We do NOT cage dry, use tranquilizers or kennel our

clients.  Your pet will interact with other clients at Wet Paws in a controlled environment.  Making their stay with us not only a bath & trim but a "play date" as well.  We have found this to be very rewarding from our stand point and also you the owner.  The dogs are calmer & happier when it is their turn to be bathed & groomed. Being dropped off at a strange place then thrown into a small confined space can be very traumatic experience for your pet.

Here at Wet Paws he or she will love our open play date environment.  

We are not accepting new clients at this time due to one of our groomers being on medical leave.  We will begin accepting new clients again at the end of July.